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Partisi Geser Akustik Board
Partisi Geser Akustik Board
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Jual Partisi Geser Akustik Board

Spesifikasi Partisi Geser Akustik Board

Akustik Board
Partisi Geser adalah solusi yang fleksibel untuk setiap ruang.


  •     A total solution including door panels and installation.
  •     For overcoming problem areas within existing buildings.
  •     Extensive range of panel types and surface finishes available.
  •     Sound insulation of 30–58 dB Rw.
  •     Durable and stable metal construction.
  •     Possible heights of more than 15 m.
  •     Optimal flexibility, curved walls and tracks possible.
  •     Available in a fire-resistant model of up to 30 and 60 minutes.
  •     Available in a broad range of finishes.
  •     High-quality track and trolley system.
  •     Semi-automatic operated top and bottom seals possible.


  •      Hotel dan rekreasi.
  •      dinding akustik untuk sekolah.
  •      ruang konferensi.
  •      Restoran.
  •      studio musik.
  •      Kantor. dll,

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